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 Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend

by James I. Robertson, Jr.

"Few military figures in American history have been more written about than Jackson, but Robertson, through diligent research, uncovers a great deal of fresh material about the general's public and private life. He shapes that material into an engrossing, detailed narrative that is the indispensable first place to turn for anyone interested in the great Confederate general." - Gary W. Gallagher, Pennsylvania State University, author of "Stephen Dodson Ramseur: Lee's Gallant General"

"... A masterful work. Comprehensively researched, elegantly written, and maturely reasoned, the book is sure to stand for decades as the premier biography of the great Confederate general." - Joseph T. Glatthaar, University of Houston; author of "Partners in Command"

"A wonderful biography." - Emory M. Thomas, University of Georgia, author of "Bold Dragoon: The Life of J.E.B. Stuart"


 Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War

by G. F. R. Henderson

... among the best of war biographies. Henderson's strategical study of the Valley Campaign is a masterpiece.



 Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson

by Robert Lewis Dabney

"This work is the first authorized biography of the great Confederate general. Based on correspondence, official records, family documents, and a close personal relationship with the general which began when he served as his adjutant in the Valley and Peninsula Campaigns, Dr. Dabney presents a personal account of his life and military service. General Jackson's faith in Christ and outspoken reliance upon God's Providence are clearly presented without apology. This biography has been closely consulted by every subsequent study of Stonewall Jackson." -  Editorial -Trinity Book Service


 They Called Him Stonewall: A Life of Lt. General T. J. Jackson, CSA

by Burke Davis

"... is a fascinating story, presenting this dramatic period of American history in full detail, as well as the life of one of the country's most brilliant military strategists." -  from the publisher


 Stonewall Jackson: A Life Portrait

by K. M. Kostyal

"Illustrated with both archival and contemporary portraits and drawings, "Stonewall Jackson" provides a complete portrait of the general in both words and images." -  from the publisher



 Stonewall: A Biography of General Thomas J. Jackson

by Byron Farwell

"In the first major biography of Stonewall Jackson in more than 30 years, Farwell reveals the quirky, obsessive, dark personality behind the legendary Confederate general who died at Chancellorsville. Despite many limitations, Jackson's genius was unquestionable, as revealed in this meticulously researched narrative."- Ingram



 The Life of Stonewall Jackson

by John Esten Cooke

"Based on his personal observations of the General, who was often compared to Napoleon, Cooke combines them with information taken from official papers, contemporary narratives and personal acquaintances. " - from the publisher


 Stonewall Jackson - The Life and Military Career of Thomas Jonathan Jackson

by Markinfield Addey

"The Life and Military Career of Thomas Jonathan Jackson is Markinfield Addey's mesmerizing account of General Stonewall Jackson, a man who was deemed to be one of the most brilliant commanders of the Civil War. With a skillful, though sometimes peculiar, style of fighting, his charisma inspired confidence in his troops, firing up their enthusiasm for the cause while fearlessly and courageously obeying his every command. Soldiers from both the North and South revered Jackson as a man "noble in heart and chivalric in action"-  from the publisher



by Jean Fritz, Stephen Gammell (Illustrator)

"Lives of (Thomas) Jackson are plentiful . . . but none, for all its brevity, surpasses Jean Fritz's . . . She places him firmly within the context of an extraordinary knotted period of American history. . . . Stonewall gives us both the strangeness and the greatness."-  The New York Times Book Review



by John Dwyer

"Stonewall put me to thinking about what it takes to lead a moral life..."-  H.W. Crocker III, Conservative Book Club

"John J. Dwyer makes one of the great heroes of American history accessible to modern readers."-  The Daily Oklahoman


 Stonewall Jackson's Book of Maxims

by Stonewall Jackson, James I. Robertson (Editor)

"Robertson...brilliantly re-creates the complex intellectual world of his subject. Note: This title received 'The Red Kepi' from the editors." - Civil War Times October 2002



 A Bullet for Stonewall

by Benjamin King

Historical accounts say that Stonewall Jackson was accidentally killed by his own men at the battle of Chancellorsville. King, however, believes there is still room for speculation on this point. Could the North have been behind the loss of the South's most successful general? "Espionage, romance, and history combine in an engrossing tale."-- Library Journal.



 Under The Shade Of The Trees: Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson's Life at Jackson's Mill

 by Dennis Norman

While much has been written about General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, the great tactician of the Confederate Army, little attention has been given to young Tom Jackson during his formative years. Tom Jackson was orphaned at an early age, was awkward, shy and labeled by some as slow to learn. This is the story of the exceptional boy who, through determination, hard work and a little good luck, overcame his disadvantages to become the legendary General Stonewall Jackson, an honored leader of men.


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