The Opposing Forces at Cross Keys, June 1st - 9th, 1862, including Mount Carmel, Strasburg, Woodstock, Mount Jackson, Harrisonburg


        Major General John C. Fremont. Staff loss: killed - 1.

        BLENKER'S DIVISION, Brigadier General L. Blenker. Staff loss: wounded - 2.

        First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Julius Stahel: 8th N. P., Col. Francis Wutschel (w); 39th N. P.; 41st N. Y., Col. Leopold von Gilsa (w), Maj. Detleo von Einsiedel; 45th N. Y. Col. George von Amsberg; 27th Pa. Col. Adolphus Buschbeck; 2d N. Y. Battery, Capt. Louis Schir- mer, Lieut. Hermann Jahn; Ct W. Va. Art'y, Capt. Frank Buell. Brigade loss: k, 68; w, 240; m, 90=398.

        Second Brigade, Col. John A. Koltes: 29th N. Y., Lieut.- Col. Clemens Soest; 68th N. Y.; 73d Pa., Lieut.-Col. Gust. A. Muhleck; 13th N. Y. Battery, Capt. Julius Dieckmann. Brigade loss : w, 1; m, 8 = 9. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Henry Bohlen: 54th N. Y., Col. Eugene a. Kozlay; 58th N. Y., Col. Wladimir Krzyzanowski; 74th Pa., Lieut.-Col. John Hamm; 75th Pe. Lieut.-Col. Fran- cis Mahler; I, 1st N. Y. Art'y, Capt. Michael Wiedrich. Brigade loss: k, 13; w, 52; m, 8=73. Cavalry: 4th N. Y., Col. Christian F. Dickel.

        UNATTACHED CAVALRY: 6th Ohio. Col. William H. Lloyd; 3d W. Va. (detachment). Capt. Everton J. Conger.

        ADVANCE BRIGADE, Cd. Gustave P. Cluseret: 60th Ohio. Col. William H. Trimble; 8th W. Va., Lieut.-Col. Lucien Loeser. Brigade loss: k, L; w, 12; m, 3=19.

        MILROY'S BRIGADE, Brig. Gen. Robert H. Milroy: 2d W. Va., Maj. James D. Owens; 3d W. Va., Lieut.-Col. Francis W. Thompson; 5th W. Va., Col. John L. Zeigler; 25th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William P. Richardson; 1st W. Va. Cav. (detachment), Maj. John S. Krepps; O, W. Va. Art'y, Captain Chatham T. Ewing; I, 1st Ohio art'y, Capt. Henry F. Hyman; 12th Ohio Battery, Capt. Aaron C. Johnson. Brigade loss: k, 23; w, 122; m, 14=169.

        SCHENCK'S BRIGADE, Brig.-Gen. Robert C. Schenck:32d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Ebenezer H. Swinney; 55th Ohio, Col. John C. Lee; 73d Ohio, Col. Orland Smith; 75th Ohio, Col. Nathaniel C. McLean; 82d Ohio, Col. James Cant- well; 1st Battalion Conn. Gen., Capt. Louis N. Middle- brook; R, 1st Ohio art'y. Capt. William L. De ry, Capt. Silas F. Rigby. Brigade loss: k, 4; w, 7; m, L=15.

        BAYARD's BRIGADE (detached from McDowell's command), Brig.-Gen. George D. Bayard: Ist N. J. Cav., Col. Percy Wyndham (c), Lieut.-Col. Joseph Karge; 1st Pa. Cav., Col. Owen Jones: 13th Ps. Reserves or 1st Rifles (battalion), Lieut.-Col. Thomas L. Kane (w and c), Capt. Hugh McDonald; ad Me. Battery, Capt. James A. Hall. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 7=8.

        The total loss of Fremont's forces at Cross Keys (as above given in detail) was 114 killed, 443 wounded, and 127 captured or missing=684. In the affairs at Mount Carmel, Strasburg, Woodstock, Mount Jackson, and Harrisonburg. etc., June 1st-7th, the loss aggregated 11 killed, 52 wounded, and 39 captured or missing = 102. General Fremont reports (" Official Records." Vol. XII., Pt. I., p. 19) that "10,500 men is a liberal estimate of force in hand and for duty " with his command, June 8th.




        Jackson's Division

        2nd Brigade - Colonel J. A. Campbell: 21st Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel John M. Patton; 42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Major Henry Lane; 48th Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Captain Samuel Hale; 1st Virginia (Irish) Battalion --- Captain B. W. Leigh. Brigade loss: K-4 W-16 M-0 =20

        Ewell's Division - Brigadier General Richard Stoddert Ewell

        2nd Brigade - Colonel W. C. Scott, Brigadier General George Hume Steuart, Colonel W. C. Scott: 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Bradley Tyler Johnson; 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel W. C. Scott; 52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Lieutenant Colonel James H. Skinner; 58th Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Samuel H. Letcher. Brigade loss: K-7 W-65 M-0 =72

        4th Brigade - Brigadier General Arnold Elzey (W), Colonel J. A. Walker: 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel J. A. Walker; 31st Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel John S. Hoffman; 25th Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Duffy; 12th Georgia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Z. T. Conner. Brigade loss: K-5 W-62 M-0 =67

        7th Brigade - Brigadier General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble: 21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment--- Colonel W. W. Kirkland; 21st Georgia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel J. T. Mercer; 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment--- Colonel James Cantey; 16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Carnot Posey. Brigade loss: K-23 W-109 M-6 =138

        8th Brigade - Brigadier General Richard Taylor: 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Isaac G. Seymour; 7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Harry T. Hays (W),Major David Penn; 8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment--- Colonel H. B. Kelly; 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Leroy Augustus Stafford; Louisiana Battalion --- Major Chatham Robedeau Wheat. Brigade loss: K-1 W-8 M-0 =9

        Maryland Line - Brigadier General George Hume Steuart: 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment--- Colonel Bradley T. Johnson; Company "A", Maryland Cavalry--- Colonel Ridgely Brown; Baltimore Battery--- Captain J. B. Brockenbrough


        Virginia Battery--- Lieutenant J. W. Latimer, Captain A. R. Courtney; Virginia Battery--- Captain John A. M. Lusk; Virginia Battery--- Captain Charles I. Raine; Virginia Battery--- Captain William H. Rice. Artillery loss: K-8 W-20 M-8 =36

        STRENGTH = Unknown

        CASUALTIES = Killed 48; Wounded 280; Missing 166; TOTAL 342

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