The Opposing Forces at Front Royal


        9 Companies, 1st Maryland Infantry --- Colonel John R. Kenly (W)

        2 Companies, 29th Pennsylvania Infantry --- Lieutenant Colonel Charles Parham

        Pioneer Corps --- Captain Mapes

        1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment

        2 Companies, 5th New York Cavalry --- Major Vought

        1 Section, KnapТs Battery --- Lieutenant Atwell

        The total loss of Banks's troops at Front Royal, Middletown, Newtown, Winchester, etc., from May 23d to 25th, is reported as 62 killed. 243 wounded, and 1714 captured or missing=2019. But Jackson claims (" Official Records," Vol. XII., Pt. I., g. 708) tmber of prisoners captured by his command was about 3050, including about 750 sick end wounded in the hospitals at Winchester and Strasburg. The effective strength of Banks's command was reported, April 30th, at 9178, and June 16th (after the battle) at 7113.



        Army of the Valley


        Jackson's Division

        1st Brigade - Brigadier General Charles S. Winder: 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel J. W. Allen; 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Charles A. Ronald; 5th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel W. H. S. Baylor; 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel A. J. Grigsby; 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel John F. Neff. Brigade loss: K-10 W-27 M-0 =37

        2nd Brigade - Colonel J. A. Campbell: 21st Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel John M. Patton; 42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Major Henry Lane (W); 48th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Captain Samuel Hale (W); 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion - Captain B. W. Leigh

        3rd Brigade - Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson: 10th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel E. T. H. Warren; 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Alexander G. Taliaferro; 37th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Major T. V. Williams

        Artillery - Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield: Carpenter's Virginia Battery --- Captain Joseph Carpenter; Caskie's Virginia Battery --- Captain William H. Caskie; Cutshaw's Virginia Battery --- Captain W. E. Cutshaw (W); Poague's Virginia Battery --- Captain William T. Poague; Wooding's Virginia Battery --- Captain George W. Wooding

        Ewell's Division - Brigadier General Richard Stoddert Ewell

        7th Brigade - Brigadier General Isaac Ridgeway Trimble: 21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment --- Colonel William W. Kirkland; 21st Georgia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel J. T. Mercer; 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment --- Colonel James Cantey; 16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Carnot Posey

        8th Brigade - Brigadier General Richard Taylor: 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Isaac G. Seymour; 7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Harry T. Hays ; 8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel H. B. Kelly; 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Leroy Augustus Stafford; Louisiana Infantry Battalion Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat

        Cavalry - Brigadier General George Hume Steuart: 2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment --- Colonel Thomas T. Munford; 6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment --- Colonel Thomas L. Flournoy; 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment --- Colonel Turner Ashby; Chew's Virginia Artillery Battery --- Captain R. P. Chew

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