The Opposing Forces at Port Republic, June 8th-9th, 1862



        Brigadier-General James Shields. Staff loss: w, 1.

        First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Nathan Kimball: 14th Ind., Col. William Harrow; 4th Ohio, Col. John R. Mason;8th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Franklin Sawyer; 7th W. Va., Col. James Evans.

        Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Orris 8. Ferry: 39th Ill., Col. Thomas O. Osborn; 13th Ind., Lieut.- Col. Robert 8. Foster; 62d Ohio, Col. Francis B. Pond; 67th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Alvin C. Voris.

        Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Erastus B. Tyler: 6th Ohio, Col. Samuel B. Dunning; 7th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William R. Creighton; 29th Ohio, Col. Lewis P. Buckley; 66th Ohio, Col. Charles Candy. Brigade loss: k, 51; w, 234; m, 431=716.

        Fourth Brigade, Col. Samuel S. Carroll: 7th Ind., Col. James Gavin; 84th Pa., Maj. Walter Barrett; 110th Pa., Col. William D. Lewis; 1st W. Va., Col, Joseph Thoburn. Brigade loss: k, 12; w, 145; m, 113=270.

        Artillery, Col. Philip Daum: H, Ist Ohio, Capt. James F. Huntington; L, Ist Ohio, Capt. Lucius N. Robinson; A, 1st Va., Capt. John Jenks; B, 1st Va., Lieut. John V. Keeper; E, 4th U. S., Capt. Joseph C. Clark. Artillery loss: K, 4; w. 13: m, 14=31.

        Cavalry : 1st Ohio (detachment), Capt. John Shields. Staff loss: w, 1. I-I. Robinson; 1st R. I. (battalion),Maj. David B. Nelson; Ist WI Va (detachment), Maj. Benjamin F. Chamberlain.

        The loss of the Third and Fourth Brigades, three batteries of artillery, and a detachment of cavalry, which were the only troops of this division engaged at and near Port Republic, June 8th and 9th, aggregated 67 killed, 303 wounded, and 658 captured or missing = 1018. The Union loss during the entire campaign approximated 67 killed, 1146 wounded, and 3199 captured or missing = 4609. In his official report (" Official Records," Vol. XII., Pt. I., p. 688) General Shields gives his effective force in the engagement of June 9th as not exceeding 2500 men. The strength of Shields's entire division, on May 30th, is reported at 10,900 men ("Official Records," Vol. XII.,Pt.III., p.290). According to the same authority Ord's division, of McDowell's command, which remained at Front Royal during Shields's advance up the Luray Valley, numbered 9000.




        Jackson's Division

        1st Brigade - Brigadier General Charles S. Winder: 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel J. W. Allen; 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Charles A. Ronald; 5th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel W. H. S. Baylor, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. S. Funk; 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel A. J. Grigsby; 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel John F. Neff. Brigade loss: K-13 W-154 M-32 =199

        2nd Brigade - Colonel J. A. Allen (W), Colonel J. M. Patton: 21st Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel J. M. Patton, Lieutenant Colonel R. H. Cunningham; 42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Major Henry Lane (W), Captain John E. Penn, Lieutenant Colonel William Martin; 48th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Captain Samuel Hale (W), Major J. B. Mosley, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Garnett; 1st Virginia (Irish) Infantry Battalion --- Captain B. W. Leigh, Major John Seddon. Brigade loss: K-4 W-16 M-0 =20

        3rd Brigade - Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson , Brigadier General William Booth Taliaferro: 10th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel E. T. H. Warren; 23rd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Alexander G. Taliaferro; 37th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Major T. V. Williams, Colonel Samuel V. Fulkerson. Brigade loss: K-0 W-3 M-0 =3

        Artillery - Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield: Carpenter's Virginia Battery --- Captain Joseph Carpenter; Caskie's Virginia Battery --- Captain William H. Caskie; Carrington's Virginia Battery --- Captain James McD. Carrington; Cutshaw's Virginia Battery --- Captain W. E. Cutshaw; Poague's Virginia Battery --- Captain William T. Poague; Wooding's Virginia Battery --- Captain George W. Wooding. Brigade loss: K-0 W-9 M-1 =10

        Ewell's Division - Brigadier General Richard Stoddert Ewell

        2nd Brigade - Colonel W. C. Scott, Brigadier General George Hume Steuart:1st Maryland Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Bradley Tyler Johnson; 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel W. C. Scott; 52nd Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel James H. Skinner; 58th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Samuel H. Letcher. Brigade loss: K-30 W-169 M-0 =199

        4th Brigade - Brigadier General Arnold Elzey (W), Colonel J. A. Walker: 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel J. A. Walker; 31st Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel John S. Hoffman; 25th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Lieutenant Colonel Patrick B. Duffy; 12th Georgia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Z. T. Conner. Brigade loss: K-15 W-80 M-4 =99

        8th Brigade - Brigadier General Richard Taylor: 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Isaac G. Seymour; 7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Harry T. Hays; 8th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --- Colonel H. B. Kelly; 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment --Colonel Leroy Augustus Stafford; Louisiana Special Battalion --- Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat. Brigade loss: K-33 W-256 M-9 =298

        STRENGTH Unknown

        CASUALTIES Killed 95; Wounded 687; Missing 46; TOTAL 928

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