The Opposing Forces at Winchester, including Front Royal, Middletown, Newton, Banks' Retreat, May 23d-25th, 1862



        Major-General Nathaniel P. Banks.

        First Division, Brig.-Gen. Alpheus S. Williams.

        First Brigade, Col. Dudley Donnelly : 6th Conn., Lieut.- Col. George D. Chapman; 28th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Edwin B. Brown; 46th Pa., Col. Joseph R. Knipe; 1st Md.,.Col. John R. Kenly (w and c). Brigade loss: k, 17; w, 98: m. ?35=850.

        Third Brigade, Col. George R. Gordon: 2d Mass. Lieut.-Col. George L. Andrews; 29th Pa., Col. John K. Murphy (c), Capt. Samuel M. Zulich; 27th Ind., Col. Silas Colgrove; 3d Wis., Col. Thomas H. Ruger. Brigade loss: k, 22; w, 80; m, 507=609.

        Cavalry: 1st Mich. (5 (to's), Col. Thornton F. Brodhead, Maj. Angelo Paldi. Loss: k, 10; w, 9; m, 35=54. Artillery, Capt. Robert B. Hampton: M, Ist N. Y., Lieut. James H. Pea- body: F, Pa., Lieut. J. Presley Fleming; B, 4th U. 8. Lieut. Franklin B. Crosby. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 14; m, 12=28.

        Cavalry Brigade, Brig-Gen. John P. Hatch: Ist Me. (5 co's), Lieut.-Col. Calvin R. Douty; 1st Vt., Col. Charles H. Tompkins; 5th N. Y. Col. Othneil De Forest; 1st Md. (5 co's), Lieut.-Col. Charles Wetschky. Brigade loss: k, 5; w, 25 r m, 294 =924.

        Unattached: 10th Me. Col. Geo. L. Beal; 8th N. Y. Cav. (5 co's, dismounted), Lieut.-Col. Charles R. Bab- bitt; Pa. Zouaves d'Afrique, Capt. Charles a. T. Collis; E, Pe. Art'y (section), Lieut. Charles A. Atwell. Unattached loss: k, 6; w, 17: m, 131=154.

        The total loss of Banks's troops at Front Royal, Middletown, Newtown, Winchester, etc., from May 23d to 25th, is reported as 62 killed. 243 wounded, and 1714 captured or missing=2019. But Jackson claims (" Official Records," Vol. XII., Pt. I., g. 708) tmber of prisoners captured by his command was about 3050, including about 750 sick end wounded in the hospitals at Winchester and Strasburg. The effective strength of Banks's command was reported, April 30th, at 9178, and June 16th (after the battle) at 7113.




        Major-General Thomas J. Jackson.

        Jackson's Division.

        First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Charles S. Winder: 2d Va., Col. J. W. Allen; 4th Va., Col. Charles A. Ronald; 5th Va., Col. W. S. H. Baylor, Lieut.-Col. J. H. S. Funk; 27th Va., Col. A. J. Grigsby; 33d Va., Col. John F. Neff. Brigade loss: Winchester, k, 10; w, 27= 37. Port Republic, B, 13; w. 154; m. 32=199.

        Second Brigade, Col. J. A. Campbell (w), Col. John M. Patton: 21st Va., Col. John M. Patton, Lieut.-Col. R. H. Cun- ningham; 42d Va., Maj. Henry Lane (w), Capt. John E. Penn, Lieut.-Col. William Martin; 48th Va., Captain Samuel Hale (w), Maj. J. B. Moseley, Lieut.-Col. Thomas S. Garnett; 1st Va. (Irish) Battalion, Capt. B. W. Leigh, Maj. John Seddon. Brigade loss: Winchester, k, 2; w, 14=16. Cross public, k, 4; w, 16=20.

        Third Brigade, Col. Samuel V. Fulkerson, Brig.-Gen. William B. Taliaferro: 10th Va., Col. E. T. H. Warren; 23d Va., Col. A. G. Taliaferro, Lieut.-Col. George W. Curtis; 37th Va., Maj. T. V. Williams, Col. Samuel V. Fulkerson. Brigade loss: Winchester, k, 2; w, 34=36. Port Republic, w, 3.

        Artillery, Col. S. Crutchfield (chief of artillery of Jackson's entire command): Va. Battery, Capt. Joseph Carpenter; Va. Battery, Capt. William H. Caskie; Va. Battery (joined at Port Republic), Capt. James McD. Carrington; Va. Battery, Capt. W. E. Cut- shaw (w), Lieut. John C. Carpenter; Va. Battery, Capt. William T. Poague ; Va. Battery, Capt. George W. Wood- ing. Artillery loss: Winchester, k, 3; w, 21=24. Port Republic, w, 9; m, 1=10.

        Ewell's Division, Major-General Richard S. Ewell.

        Second Brigade, Col. W. C. Scott, Brig.-Gen. Ceorge H. Steuart (w), Col. W. C. Scott: Ist Md. (assigned to brigade June 6th), Col. Bradley T. Johnson; 44th Va.. Col. W. C. Scott; 62d Va., Lieut.-Col. James H. Skinner; 58th Va., Col. Samuel H. Letcher. Brigade loss: Cross Keys, k, 7; w, 65 = 72. Port Republic, k, 30; w, 169 =199.

        Fourth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Arnold Elzey (w), Col. J. A. Walker: 13th Va., Col. J. A. Walker; 31st Va., Col. John B. Hoffmrtn; 25th Va., Lieut.-Col. Patrick B. Duffy; 12th Ga., Col. Z. T. Conner. Brigade loss: Cross Keys, k, 5; w, 62=67. Port Republic, k, 15; w, 80; m, 4=99.

        Seventh Brigade, Brig-Gen. Isaac R. Trimble: 21st N. C., Col. W. W. Kirkland (w); 21st Ga., Col. J. T. Mercer; 15th Ala., Col. James Cantey; 16th Miss., Col. Carnot Posey (w). Brigade loss: Winchester, k, 22; w; 75= 91. Cross Keys, k, 23; w, 109; m, 6= 138.

        Eighth Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Richard Taylor: 6th La., Col. Isaac G. Seymour; 7th La., Col. H. T. Hays (w), Maj. David B. Penn; 8th La., Col. H. B. Kelly; 9th La., Col. Leroy A. Stafford; La. Battalion, Maj. C. R. Wheat. Brigade loss: Front Royal and Winchester, k, 21; w, 109; m, 9=133. Cross Keys, k, l; w, 8=9. Port Republic, k, 33; w, 256; m. 9 =298.

        Maryland Line (attached to Second Brigade June 6th), Brig.-Gen. George H. Steuart (as- signed to command of the cavalry May 24th): 1st In- fantry, Col. Bradley T. Johnson; Co. A, Cav., Capt. Ridgely Brown; Baltimore Battery, Capt. J. B. Brookenbrough.

        Artillery: Va. Battery, Lieut. J. W. Latimer, Captain A. H. Courtney; Va. Battery, Capt. John A. M. Lusk; Va. Battery, Capt. Charles I. Raine; Va. Bat- tery. Capt. William H. Rice. Artillery loss: Cross Keys, k, 8; w, 20; m, 8=36.

        Cavalry, Col. Thomas S. Flournoy, Brig.-Gen. George H. Steuart, Brig.-Gen. Turner Ashby (b), Col. Thomas T. Munford: 2d Va., Lieut-Col. James W. Watts; Col. Thomas T. Munford; 6th Va., Col. Thomas S. Flourney; 7th Va., Col. Turner Ashby (promoted Brig.-Gen. May 23d); Va. Batteryew. Cavalry loss: Front Royal and Winchester (partial report), k, 11; w, 15=26. (Other casualties in the cavalry during the campaign are not specifically stated.)

        General Jackson reported his losses at Front Royal, Winchester, etc., from May 23d to 31st, as 68 killed, 329 wounded, and 3 missing =400. At Cross Keys and Port Republic the casualties were 139 killed, 951 wounded, and 60 missing = 1150. As nearly as can be ascertained from the " Official Records," the loss in the campaign was 230 killed, 1373 wounded, and 232 captured or missing = 1878.

        The strength of Jackson's command is nowhere authoritatively stated. Colonel William Allan says in his "Jackson's Valley Campaign," p. 146: " Jackson had moved against Banks, on May 19th, with a total effective force of 16,000 or 17,000 men. . . . His effective force [at Cross Keys] could not have exceeded 13,000, even if it reached that amount."

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