"Civil War" Magazines

Civil War Times (Magazine Subscription)

Cover Price: $49.90 
Price: $21.95 ($2.19/issue)
You Save: $27.95 (56%) 
Issues: 10 issues/12 months

CIVIL WAR TIMES is edited for readers to come face-to-face with real people who lived the history: soldiers and commanders, families at home and the politicians who led rival Americas. CIVIL WAR TIMES tells true stories of the war and its people. Fascinating weaponry of the first modern war, and the art, music, photography and spirit of the times - all these emerge from features illustrated with genuine images and objects of the period. Regular departments provide advice on where to travel, and what to read, listen to or watch to enrich their experience of the Civil War.

America's Civil War (Magazine Subscription)

Cover Price: $29.94 
Price: $19.95 ($3.32/issue) 
You Save: $9.99 (33%) 
Issues: 6 issues/12 months

America's Civil War delivers comprehensive coverage of the strategies, leaders, battles and little-known facts and facets of the war between Northern and Southern states. Features and departments present readers with authoritative insight on the Civil War era of American history, accompanied by classical artworks, paintings by today's artists, historic photography and incisive maps of battles and campaigns.

Blue & Gray Magazine (Magazine Subscription)

 Price: $27.60 ($4.60/issue) 
Issues: 6 issues/12 months

An award winning magazine that offers its readers a modern and colorful adventure back in time. Each issue features a battle or significant Civil War site with modern color photographs, period photos, battle maps and a self-guiding tour.

North & South (Magazine Subscription)

 Price: $39.99 ($5.71/issue) 
Issues: 7 issues/12 months

"North & South ought to be right at the top of your reading list. The writing is crackling good, the maps revealing... This is the depth, the detail, and the new work you really want in a magazine." - Professor Ralph Lee DeFalco, United States Naval War College and President of History in Print

Civil War Historian (Magazine Subscription)

Price: $28.00 ($4.67/issue) 
Issues: 6 issues/12 months

The Civil War explodes into life on the pages of Civil War Historian, a brand new magazine about a time-honored era. YouТll discover in each issue articles on military and civilian topics and research into the people and artifacts that make this historic episode of American history so fascinating. Glorious color photographs illuminate the struggle and illustrate well-written, authoritative stories that define the lifestyles and political moods during The War Between The States.

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