News & Updates 2003

15.12.2003 - Please help us preserve the proud Southern Heritage!


06.12.2003 - Just before noon Friday December 5, 2003, Jerry Russell, Historian, Civil War Enthusiast, Preservationist, Political Consultant and my friend died of complications of previous surgery. Dear Jerry, we will always remember you...

Jerry Russell

28.11.2003 - John Echols' biography added.

15.11.2003 - Great books on the Shenandoah Valley!

20.10.2003 - "Civil War" Magazines added.

14.10.2003 - Article on the Stonewall Brigade added.

05.10.2003 - James A. Walker's biography added.

31.08.2003 - Report of Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, C. S. Army, commanding the Valley District, of the Battle of McDowell  added.

15.08.2003 - Stonewall Book Corner updated.

01.08.2003 - Bradley T. Johnson's biography added.

19.07.2003 - The War for Southern Independence on DVD!

10.07.2003 - George D. Bayard's bio added.

08.07.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley has been chosen as a winner of the STORM KEEPER AWARD for June 2003. Thank you, John!

24.06.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley is awarded with  the PhMS Platinum Award for Internet Excellence. I thank Andrew Stevens and his colleagues!

12.06.2003 - The Real Stonewall Jackson, by his brother-in-law D.H. Hill

26.05.2003 - Reports of Maj. John A. Harman, C. S. Army, Chief Quartermaster, of property captured and destroyed.

10.05.2003 - Report of Brig. Gen. Charles S. Winder, C. S. Army, commanding First Brigade, Jackson's Division, of the Operations near Port Republic, added. 

Stonewall in the Valley has become a a winner of The Seasons 
of Change Gold Award
for May 2003. Thank you, John!

07.05.2003 - John Daniel Imboden's bio added.

cover04.05.2003 - This brand new book - The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1862 by Gary W. Gallagher (Editor) -  is a must...  In eight brilliant essays, contributors to this volume explore the Shenandoah Valley campaign in depth. Indeed, a very pleasant and highly recommended reading.

Colonel Alexander Boteler's bio has been added to the Leaders section. Wasn't it him who said: "If we are willing to be handed down to coming time as a race of slave drivers and traitors, it is as well to continue in our state of lethargy and acquiescence; but if we retain the instincts of men and desire to transmit to our children the untarnished name and spotless fame which our forefathers bequeathed to us, we must awake to the exigencies of the matter."  

28.04.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley is awarded with the Dixie Pride Award. I thank The Dixie Line Web site for this honor.

27.04.2003 - Personal Reminiscences of "Stonewall" Jackson, by William B. Taliaferro, published. 

23.04.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley is approved by GRUNT. Thanks! Info on the Loring-Jackson Incident updated.

21.04.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley has been awarded with the Thumbs-up Site Award. Thank you, Karl!


 It's the soldier, not the reporter who gives you freedom of the press.
It's the soldier, not the politician who gives you freedom of speech.
It's the soldier, not the campus organizer who allows you to demonstrate.
It's the soldier, who salutes the flag, serves the flag, & whose coffin is
draped with the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag!!!

"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they
protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they
perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus,
our Lord and Savior. Amen."

Please stop for a moment and say
a prayer for the US forces in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Turkey, and
all around the world. This can be very powerful.... 
Of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine,
or Coast Guardsman, Prayer is the very best one.

14.03.2003 - Sensation! Our friend Andrew Holds let me publish a very rare and newly discovered image of Thomas J. Jackson

12.03.2003 - A very interesting and unusual article - The Game Cock of the Valley - from Macon Daily Telegraph, 16 June 1862.

Now you can apply for the Defender of the Valley Web Award!

08.03.2002 - Belle Boyd's biography updated.

04.03.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley received the Crystal Cup Award. Thanks go to our Canadian friends!

Richard B. Garnett's biography added.

02.03.2003 - Report of Lieut. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson of the Battle of Port Republic

16.04.2003 - Thomas J. Jackson's biography updated.

14.02.2003 - Music of the War for Southern Independence!

10.02.2003 - Stonewall in the Valley is awarded with the Blueyes' Design & Homepage Award. Thank you, Blueyes!

06.02.2003 - More great books added.

04.02.2003 - "Book Corner" added. The best books on Thomas J. Jackson and the Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

01.02.2003 - New links added. Highly recommended!

19.01.2003 - Jedediah Hotchkiss' biography added to the Leaders' Section.