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27.12.2004 - "Stonewall in the Valley" has been honored with our Spanish friend's "Caldron Award". Thank you, John!

I wish you all the Joy and Peace that the Holy Christmas Season can bring!

19.11.2004 - William S.H. Baylor's biography added.

18.11.2004 - In light of the tumultuous election-season debate over who should lead the nation, WND is introducing a stunning new DVD documentary that brings to life new insights into two of America's finest and most beloved leaders. Brian Barkley's "Warriors of Honor: The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson," provides a rare glimpse of two "masterful generals, brilliant strategists and, above all, faithful Christians." In it, Barkley takes aim at the common view of the war between the North and the South, focusing on two Confederate heroes who boldly gave glory to God as the source of their remarkable accomplishments. With "Warriors of Honor," Barkley once again boldly confronts the nation's textbook makers, seeking this time to "set the record straight" on the War Between the States with a fact-filled visual venture into territory few filmmakers dare to visit. "Many Southerners seemed frustrated that their story, the real story, had not yet been told," Barkley said. Author and historian Steve Wilkins praises "Warriors" as a documentary that finally "is willing to speak plainly about the Christian faith of Jackson and Lee. It is a beautiful and accurate account of two great Southern leaders and of a war that forever changed our country."

12.11.2004 - General Charles S. Winder's biography updated.

03.10.2004 - Some new links added.

01.08.2004 - Mark H. Blandford's bio & James Cantey's bio added to The Shenandoah Valley Campaign Military Leaders & Prominent Figures.

31.07.2004 - Julius Stahel's & Louis Blenker's bios updated.

08.07.2004 - The Museum of the Confederacy, which preserves the world's largest collection of Confederate artifacts and the restored White House of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, holds in its collection numerous artifacts depicted in the WBTS film, "Gods and Generals". The Museum displays a number of items not only associated with major historical characters depicted in the film, but also signature pieces featured in specific scenes. Many of the items on display relate to the film's central character, General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson and to the young men on his military staff.  A special display in the Museum lobby includes a rarely-seen oil portrait of Jackson and carte-de-visit photographs of Jackson's military aide, Major Alexander S. "Sandie" Pendleton and Jackson's beloved daughter, Julia. The display features a simple braid hatband that plays an important role in "Gods and Generals". During the winter of 1862-1863, Jackson took the hatband from his forage cap and presented it to Jenny Corbin, a young girl who lived at the estate that served as Jackson's headquarters. Another poignant artifact in the display is a telegram from James Power Smith informing his sister of the general's death on May 10, 1863 - reputedly the first telegram sent to Richmond with this news. Further information on this and other collections can be obtained through their website or by calling the museum at (804) 649-1861.  

24.06.2004 - General William B. Taliaferro's bio updated.

14.06.2004 - Gustave Paul Cluseret's biography added. What an interesting life he lived!

11.06.2004 - Confederate Brig. Gen. William W. Kirkland's biography added.

08.06.2004 - Erastus B. Tyler's biography added.

24.05.2004 - Union Major General Julius Stahel's biography added.

18.05.2004 - Confederate Brigadier General Carnot Posey's biography added.

14.05.2004 - Report of Brig. Gen. William B. Taliaferro, C.S. Army, commanding Third Brigade, of the Battle of McDowell, added

16.04.2004 - Report of Brig. Gen. Edward Johnson, C.S. Army, Commanding Army of the Northwest, of the Battle of McDowell, added.

03.04.2004 - Confederate Colonel Harry Gilmor's bio added.

27.03.2004 - Music for, about & from the South! Free South Band

14.03.2004 - James Alexander Walker's biography updated.

16.02.2004 - Stonewall Jackson: Anecdotes added. My sincere thanks go to Ralph Green, Past Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He writes: "As a comedy the War Between the States would be a complete failure. It has been called many things, but I suspect that either funny or amusing was rarely found among the adjectives or phrases utilized. Yet there were many events and incidents which could be so described. Also, there were many occurrences, speeches, and written items which were illustrative of the hardships faced by the gallant people of the South, their efforts to cope, their spirit, and the nature of the conflict... Through the years I have gathered and utilized many such items in talks and in the Rebel Rouser, monthly publication of the General W. L. Cabell Camp of the Sons of Confederation Veterans... Whether you ingest these tales as occasional hors doeuvres or as a smorgasbord, I hope this food-for-thought feeds your interest in a critical period of Southern history."

14.02.2004 - Federal Brigadier General Henry Bohlen's biography added to the Prominent Figures section.

13.02.2004 - Report of Col. Turner Ashby, Seventh Virginia Cavalry, of the Battle of Kernstown, Va., March 23, 1862 added.

11.02.2004 - Our web site has a new guestbook (see link on the front page) to replace the old one from It looks like they are out of Internet business as
their site has been down for many weeks, and their service is still unavailable. I am so sorry that I have lost a lot of interesting and inspiring messages from our loyal visitors

30.01.2004 - "Civil War" Memoirs, Recollections & First Person Narratives added.

20.01.2004 - Recommended General Works on the War added.

18.01.2004 - W.W. Loring's biography updated.

02.01 2004 - Thomas J. Jackson's Appearance during the Valley Campaign, by Robert C. Cave.

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