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05.11.2005 - A Narrative of the First Winchester, by Edward A. Moore

October 29, 2005 - General Dabney H. Maury about General Thomas J. Jackson (from Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexican, Indian, and Civil Wars)

September 24,2005 - I thank Ralph Green, past Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, for sending me this information. Basically, everything on the grounds of Beauvoir outside of the house itself and the Presidential Library (museum, Hayes cottage, superintendent's residence) is gone. The first floor of the Presidential Library is gone for all practical purposes. The house itself is still basically sound, although it lost part of the roof, the porch, the stairs, and suffered some damage to the contents. Earl Faggert, a member of the board for Beauvoir, and many others have already started salvage operations and planning for rebuilding. The costs will be high but Beauvoir must be rebuilt. A fund has been established. Contributions should be sent to "Beauvoir Relief Fund, P.O. Box 7, Meridian, MS 39302-0007, USA". Please forward this information to others interested in Confederate history and heritage.

September 3, 2005 - The Marches in the Valley Campaign added.

Sept. 1, 2005-- Anxious to give assistance to its sister history museums along the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, The Museum of the Confederacy sent word through online Civil War channels that it is standing by waiting to render whatever recovery aid is needed for the museums. Thursday afternoon the Museum learned the message had reached one of its intended targets, as the MOC Executive Director heard from a board member and then the director of Confederate Memorial Hall in New Orleans.

Although unconfirmed reports indicated that floodwaters did not reach Memorial Hall, concrete news of its fate will have to wait while its staff and trustees are prevented from re-entering New Orleans. It was an immense relief to learn that the staff survived Hurricane Katrina, although most have lost their homes. However, Executive Director Waite Rawls was able to reassure Memorial Hall that as soon as their staff is ready, members of the MOC Collections Department will come to New Orleans, bring expert conservators with them if need be, and work on the recovery and restoration of artifacts, if such is called for.

This same offer of onsite aid is extended to other institutions such as Jefferson Daviss home, Beauvoir; late reports indicate that parts of the museum complex outside Biloxi were not destroyed.

The Museum of the Confederacy is grateful to Joe Avalon of Civil War Interactive, Charles Demastus, Bragdon Bowling of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and all others who used their own electronic media to get the Museums word out.

In addition to onsite aid, the Museum is dedicating all of the money collected in its lobby donation box through the end of the year to Confederate Memorial Hall and Beauvoir recovery efforts. Anyone wishing to contribute to that collection may send checks made payable to: Museum of the Confederacy, with Katrina Relief on the memo line, and mail to: 1201 E. Clay St., Richmond, VA 23219.

For further information about The Museum of the Confederacys plans to aid the hurricane- affected museums in the Gulf Coast area, please contact the Executive Directors office at (804) 649-1861, ext. 30, or the Collections Department at (804) 649-1861, ext. 12.

Hurricane Katrina: Civil War Damage Assessment

The tragic loss of lives, homes, health and livelihood in the wake of Hurricane Katrina sends a clear call of duty to each of us to do whatever we can to help. This call supersedes partisanship and politics and I hope it is one you will answer -- if you have not already done so.

A lot of people have opened their hearts and homes to hurricane victims, and their example is a shining light to all of us. If you have not yet done so, please consider a donation to one of the key charities coordinating the massive response to this disaster.

I am including below links to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. If you can give, please click and do so immediately.

As you know, this will be a long-term relief effort. You can play a significant role in helping your
fellow citizens in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida begin the recovery process.

Most importantly, please keep our friends, family, and fellow citizens in your prayers throughout this time. Thank you for taking a moment to be a part of this effort.

15.08.2005 - Turner Ashby in Southern Poetry

09.08.2005 - 200 Most Important Confederate Books.

05.08.2005 - Two Union biographies added: General Jeremiah Cutler Sullivan and General John Porter Hatch.

31.07.2005 - I'm back from my summer vacation. Seth Maxwell Barton's biography added to the Leaders Section.

18.06.2005 - We are deeply saddened by the death at age 50 of Brian Pohanka, one of the foremost Civil War historians and reenactors, following a long battle with cancer... Rest in Peace, dear Brian.

Brian Pohanka

05.06.2005 - Review of the Valley Campaign by G.F.R. Henderson (from "Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War")

21.05.2005 - Kernstown by G.F.R. Henderson (from "Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War")

10.05.2005 - We're offering some excellent Confederate Flags of highest quality.

29.04.2005 - NEW! Maps and Atlases of the War!

26.04.2005 - Brigadier General Elisha Franklin "Bull" Paxton's biography has been added to the Prominent Figures section.

25.03.2005 - The Battles at Cross Keys and Port Republic - by Private John S. Robson

06.03.2005 - The Battle of Kernstown, by John Esten Cooke.

28.01.2005 - All Russian-speaking guests are encouraged to visit a chat forum devoted to the great American conflict & modern re-enactment. You're more than welcome!

23.01.2005 - The Winter Expedition to Romney, by John Esten Cooke

06.01.2005 - Richard Taylor, by Edward A. Pollard

03.01.2005 - Major General Arnold Elzey, by Edward A. Pollard

02.01.2005 - "The Old Stonewall Brigade" - from The Southern Illustrated News

01.01.2005 - Lieutenant General Richard S. Ewell, by Edward A. Pollard.

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