Web Site Awards - Page 3

Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award"... A worthy 
tribute and a positive contribution to the Web. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, educational and attractive place to visit. 

I was impressed by your webpage and the hard work you put into your site.

After reviewing your web site, we feel that it is eligible for our 110% Prestige Award. 
Sites like yours give a 110% to the World Wide Web.

We found your site design to be very good and consistent. The graphics you choose were both appropriate and great additions to your pages. We were especially impressed with your mastery of the English language. On a personal note, Lady Liberty would like to express her admiration that a Russian national would take such an interest in an American patriot. Every country needs heroes; certainly each of us can learn from both our own homegrown patriots as well as those who fought for liberty elsewhere... Once again, congratulations. The award is well deserved.

...I must say that it is a perfect work.

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to those Ladies and Gentlemen that have reviewed my site and considered it worthy of an award.

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